Friday, 29 June 2012

Top 10 Dangerous Cities In The World

1. Baghdad (Iraq)
Baghdad is a city of Iraq which is the richest oil containing country. This city was in peace but due to the interference of external forces. The city has lost his peace. Every day number of bomb blasts are taking the life of innocent people. Hundred of people are killed in one Suicide blast. These sudden blasts minimized the survival condition of life of local people here. Now Bughdad is in blood and has become the world’s most dangerous city.

2. Mogadishu ( Somalia)
Mogadishu due to beginning of civil war in 1991 has lost his central government command and has a poor economic conditions. The people are living below the poverty line and  a number of terrorist activities is performing by the terrorist on daily basis.  The place has become the dangerous place where no any law is working.

3. Kinshasa (Congo)
This is the African city and known as the one of the dangerous city in the world. You will find a number of pick-pocketing and theft stories here. The poor economic conditions continue to foster crimes here. This place is also famous for crimes against children in Armed Conflict. In Kinshasa the life of  poor is nothing and  rich is living like a king. Drug Mafia is the main problem for these crimes in this city.

4. Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
The Mexican city Giudad Juarez is famous all around the world for the presence of drug dealers and countless stories about gangland killings here. A number of drug mafia is working here. The criminal gangs here are involved in extortion and kidnapping. These all collectively decrease the safety of people here. This city has become the dangerous city of the world.

5. Cape Town ( South Africa)
Cape Town is a beautiful place and is the one of travel destination. But increase in crime rate has a big question of security for the tourists. In couple of years the robberies has given a big threat to the local people. House breaking is common here. The sexually abuse activities are being rising up. These all have turned this city a dangerous one.

6. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Rio de Janerio a busy city of Brazil is suffering with number of crimes. These criminal activities are boost up in the summer season because of increasing of tourist activities here. The tourist are warned by the local government to not wear Jewell and not taking too much money with them. This all can cause a threat for them. The street crimes has also increased here. This city is one of the dangerous city in the world.

7. Bogota (Colombia)
Bogota the city of Colombia has a bad repute in the world due to the presence of drug mafia dealers. The drug dealing is high in this city. The kidnapping rates are behind it. This is a tourist place. But it is not safe for them. The kidnappers has the target of these tourists. Another problem here is the violence. To live a comfortable life here is not possible. It is included in the list of top 10 dangerous cities in the world.

8. Grozny (Chechnya)
Chechnya is a Islamic country which was declared independent in 1991. It is the capital city of Chechnya.But till now Russian troops are continuing their military campaign here. Number of rebels are here. The attacks on military is common which causes the lot deaths including civilians. The city is also facing the problems in term of gangs, drug mafia and terrorist activities. The people of Grozny is trying their best to protect themselves but all their efforts are not yet make them able to live a peaceful life.

9. Karachi (Pakistan)
Karachi is the city of Pakistan is the most populated city. this is a beautiful place to visit. This city has lost its peace. Criminal activities like kidnapping, murder and target killing has become a part of daily life. People are living under threat. People of Karachi are also facing the problem like car hijacking, robberies and mobile snatching and bomb blasts. These all made this city the world’s most dangerous city.

10. Caracas (Venezuela)
Caracas is the city of Venezuela that is famous for its theft activities. How much security you take you will not be able to escape yourself from these activities. The car theft rate is so high. The thieves has the ability to steel your car in the presence of safety measure that you have taken for your car.This city also has the world’s highest murder rates. The murder figure has reached up to 130 per 100,000 people. Due to all these the Caracas has become the  dangerous city in the world.


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