Saturday, 14 July 2012

10 Places That Could Disappear Due To Global Warming

We just do not do enough to protect our planet. The temperatures are rising, the sea levels rise as well, and now there are many places that could simply disappear. The list is very long, we choose just ten of them for this list.

These famous paradise-looking tropical islands are well known for its white-sand beaches and they have always been one of tourists’ favorite sites. Unfortunately, the Global Warming could end the enjoyment in the 600 miles-stretching islands. As 80 percent of the country is only 3.3 feet above the sea level, the continuous rising of the ocean level turn the alarm on for the beautiful islands. With the current ocean-rising dynamics, Maldives could disappear before 2050.

 Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is also one of the world’s most popular exotic destinations, but also one of the places that could disappear due to global warming . The city is already sinking due to its too heavy urbanization on its too soft underground as well as the excessive pumping of groundwater. The location also makes the city exposed to floods, especially in the monsoon season. All these factors could send Bangkok underwater before the end of this century.

Mississippi River Delta, United States
The great American river runs into the Gulf of Mexico in a breathtaking delta rivers, marshes, and low-lying barrier islands. You guess, the rising of the sea level could destroy this landscape. However, that’s not the only way for Global Warming to damage this region, as it’s exposed to many sea storms and hurricanes. We all remember Katrina in New Orleans.

Komodo Island, Indonesia
The home of the world’s most famous reptile could end under the water surface in few decades if the Global Warming continues to progress. The sea surrounding the island is growing and could cause extinction of the Komodo dragon, but the increased acidification could also cause big damage, as it make the surface temperature higher, which may eventually kill the corals around the island and destroy the amazing diving sites.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The delicate ecosystem of one of the world’s most beautiful sites is under threat since the temperatures has begun growing. There is a large variety of fish and other marine species which depend on the coral for survival. As the coral reef is nearing death, its flora and fauna is nearing the same destiny. It could all disappearing just because of the rising temperatures.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is one of the world’s largest metropolises, allegedly great to live in, but the climate change effects tell different story. It suffers from the phenomenon called “heat islands,” which means that factory emission and the artificial heat from cars cause local greenhouse effect. As the temperatures continue to rise, Tokyo will have bigger and bigger problems with the heat.

Venice, Italy
For some people it’s might be hard to believe that a city which lies on water could suffer from global warming, but the recent measures say different. Actually, the city is slowly sinking anyway, about nine inches per 100 years, but the recent climate conditions could make things worse. A new barrier which could withstand a 100 feet deluge is under construction, but experts say that new measures should be done in order to be sure that it could be enough to save the city from disappearing.

River Thames, London
The River Thames has been pride of London for centuries, but today it turns to be one of the greatest threats for the city. Since the early Middle Ages the city has been expanding into the river, making its course narrower. A great barrier was built back in 19th century in order to prevent floods, but the rising of sea level could prove this system inefficient and transform Thames into part of the sea.

Big Sur, California, United States
The coastline between Los Angeles and San Francisco is certainly one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. Unfortunately, there is possibility for the global warming to destroy the ecosystem and the landscape itself, as the raised temperatures lead to wildfires. However, the government of California has taken steps toward finding solutions about environmental issues in last few years, which make us hope that Big Sur won’t be one of those places that could disappear due to the global warming.

10 Panama Canal, Panama
The Panama Canal made a revolution in world’s trade when opened in 1914, offering great alternative for ship which had to move from Atlantic to Pacific and opposite. There is one interesting challenge with which ships are facing – there’s 85 feet of elevation between the oceans. The solution was found in vast amounts of increasingly scarce fresh water, but some shortages in last few years have forced several closures of the canal.


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