Monday, 2 July 2012

Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2012

1  Mahendra Singh Dhoni  (8 Million Dollars)
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is at number 1 position of richest cricketer.He is the captain of Indian cricket team.Dhoni is an aggressive batsman and wicket keeper of his team.He has signed the deal of 43 million dollars with 2 year contract with Rhiti Sports.This deal is the world’s richest deal ever in the history of cricket.He has earned 8 million dollars a year 2012.

2 Sachin Tendulkar (8 Million Dollars)
Sachin Tendulkar a master blaster crickter of Indian team holding the 2nd postion in richest cricketers list.He had many world records one of it is the world record of highest runs in ODI Innings crossing the double century.He has earned more than 8 million dollars.He hascontracts with tv commercials,Shows and with his sponsors which are Adidas,Royal Bank of scotland and canon.

3 Yuvraj singh (5.5 Million Dollars)
Yuvraj Singh another player of India.He is an aggressive batsman.He made his contribution many of times in the victory of his team.He is at number 3 in this list.He has earned 5.5million dollars from his Proffession.He earned some of money from tv commercial,shows and sponserships with Fiat,Microsoft and Reebok.

4 Rahul Dravid  (5 Million Dollars)
Rahul Dravid was born in 11 jan 1973 in India.He is one of the best cricketer in the history of cricket.He was named as“The wall of Indian Cricket“.He was the captain of Indian cricket in many times and have multiple cricket records.He has awarded as icc cricketer of the year in 2004.He has earned 5 million dollars.His major sponsors are Castrol,Reebok
5 Andrew Flintoff  (4 Million Dollars)
Andrew Flintoff  belongs to a english cricket team.He was born in 6 december 1977.He played cricket for England and Lancashire Country Cricket Club.He also participated in the IpL where He had joined the Chennai Super kings.His earning is 4 million dollars.His sponsors are puma,Barclaysand ,volkswagen.

6  Sourav Ganguly (3.5 million dollars)
A legend player Sourav Ganguly was ex captan of Indian cricket team both in ODI and test.He has retired from indian cricket team in 2008.He is at 4th postion for making the highest runs from Indian team ever.Total earning of sourav is same as ricky ponting 3.5 million dollarsSome of it come from his sponsors that are pepsi and puma.

7 Ricky Ponting  (3.5 Mllion Dollars)
Ricky ponting a stylish player with his beautiful shots is so famous in the cricket fans.He isa player of Australian cricket team.His nick name is punter.Ponting was the ex captain of Australian team.Ponting has earned 3.5 millaion dollars.His sponsors are Valvoline,KFC and Adidas.

8 Brett Lee   (3 Million Dollars)
Brett Lee is a fast Bolwer of the Australian Cricket team.He is a energetic player and is aworlds second fastest bowler in the history of cricket.He has earned yet 3 million dollars and getting the 8th postion in richest cricketers list.He is so famous all around the world.His sponsors are KFC,Gatorade,volkswagen and Adidas.

9 Kevin Pietersen  (3 Million Dollars)
A English cricket player but born in south Africa kevin Pietersen is at number 9.He was born in 27 june 1980.Pietersen is a right handed batsman and plays for England.He also represent the Surrey.In IPL he had joined the Royal Challengers Bangalore.The major sponsors of kevinare Red Bull,Vodafone and famous brand Adidas.His brilliant performance in IPL and in his team helped him to earned 3 million dollrs.

10 Michael Clarke  (2.5 Million Dollars)
A famous stylish player Michael Clarke is at number ten in richest cricketers list.He was born in 2 april 1981.Clarke belongs to a Australian cricket team.He was the recent captain of the Australin team.His nick name is pup.He likes to play only for his nation thats why he did not join any of IPL team.Gillette and Slazenger are his major sponsors.His total earning is 2.5 million dollars.


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